Cookie Policy

Cookies are small data files that are sent to your browser. We use these to collect anonymous information about your use of the site and to optimise your experience while browsing. No personal data is collected from them unless you explicitly provide it to us (e.g. filling in a contact web form, applying for a job or webchat).

Session cookie

A session cookie for a website only exists while you’re reading or navigating our website. When you close your web browser these cookies are usually removed.

Persistent cookie

A persistent cookie exists on your computer until a future date. For example the cookie expiry date could be set as 1 year, and each time our website is accessed over this period your website could access the cookie.

Secure cookie

A secure cookie can only be used via HTTPS websites, such as ours. This ensures the cookie data is encrypted, reducing any risk of personal data being transferred.

Third-party cookie

Third-party cookies are cookies set with domains different from the one shown on your address bar. In our case, our domain is (and we also have subdomains such as However, on our pages we feature content from a third-party domain, e.g. videos from YouTube. Interacting with this type of content – for example playing a YouTube video – will set third-party cookies.

The law states that we can store cookies on your device if they’re essential for the operation of the site. For all other types of cookies we need your permission, including those placed by third party services. You can change your settings at any time by visiting this page. All cookies can be deleted from your device and you can set your browser not to receive cookies in future. For more information on how to do this read this guide.

Cookie Description
Name The cookie’s name
Provider Whether the cookie comes from us or a third party
Purpose The description of the cookie
Expiry When these cookies will be deleted from your browser; ‘session’ cookies are deleted automatically when you close your browser
Type We use four different types of cookie on our website